Monday, May 20, 2019

Updates and announcements

Can you believe it is the last week of school! This year has absolutely flown by.

If you would like summer enrichment packets, please let me know. I am preparing those for students whose parents request them. Additionally, if you are interested in summer tutoring, please email me before the last day of school. I do not check my email regularly during the summer.

Our week in learning

Students have learned all of the idioms in our curriculum! We may use this time to catch up on some that we missed.

The final roots test of the year will be on Wednesday, May 22nd.

In Literature, we will present all of the Across Five Aprils newspaper projects.

In Grammar, we will be working on reading segments from “A Wrinkle in Time”, followed by Touchstones-like discussions. This will not have any homework.

On Monday, students will be assessed on their knowledge of the nervous system. This will be a partially open study guide science test. Tuesday, we will play science Bingo to review topics from previous units.

This week in History, students will finish learning about the conflicts that arose between Native Americans and European settlers in North America. Students will learn that though promises of peace and comradery were made, they were broken, and tensions rose to the point of battles, massacres and war. They will learn that part of the mentality of those from European descent was to assimilate the Natives to their ideologies and customs.

In math, we will then move into a very short crash course in the basics of Algebra! There will be no math groups this week.