Monday, October 2, 2017

Updates and announcements

What a quarter! We are in our last week before Fall Break and students are persevering toward the finish line. I am quite excited for our week off to get some quilting done.

Our first celebration of the year is on Friday! Your donations of either time or supplies will make our celebration special.

Parent-Teacher conference sign up will be going out on Friday.

Our week in learning

This week in language arts, students will finish up their final drafts and begin typing and publishing them within the class.

In literature, students will finish out the Voyage of the Dawn Treader with a test (they will be expected to put main events of the story in chronological order) and discussions about the characters and their journeys.

Friday, we celebrate the end of the quarter and the end of our book!

Please bring in Where the Red Fern Grows after fall break. :)  

In science, students will learn about Mendeleev’s ordering of the Periodic Table - so precise that he even guessed where undiscovered elements would fit on it! Students will learn about atomic properties and their relations to the Periodic Table, and watch two videos about the mystery of the Periodic Table, relating historical discoveries to our modern-day understanding of chemistry. On Friday, students will take an open-note matching quiz on the chemistry unit. Science Fair packets and projects are due on Friday, October 6!

This week in History, students will finish the Renaissance Unit. Study guides were due today, Monday, 10/2. The Renaissance test will be on Tuesday, 10/3. We will be learning about the Great Plains region of the United States this week. We will set up their Reformation foldables on Thursday.

This week in Math, students will continue with our fractions unit. We will work on adding mixed numbers, word problems, multiplying fractions. We will have math groups this Wednesday 8:00-9:00.