Monday, January 9, 2017

Updates and Announcements

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing break! My husband and I were able to travel up to Montana to see our family. Thank you for the wonderful gifts! Mr. Korth and I greatly appreciate your kindness.

This semester, we are buckling down on homework. As a class, students have had a difficult time turning in their assignments on time. When an assignment is not turned in, their number is written on the board and stays there until the assignment is turned in. Starting next week, students will be calling home and informing you if their number is on the board for a second day in a row. They will be telling you what assignment they are missing.

Our week in learning

We will begin third quarter by reading The Secret Garden. This is a fun book that the students will enjoy!  Please be sure to have the book to school by tomorrow.

This week in Grammar we will learn how to identify both direct and indirect objects.  We will be using all of the sentencing diagramming skills we have learned this year to diagram these in sentenced

We begin our next set of roots this week as well. Please remember that next Wednesday will be the first quiz covering Roots 51-54.  Study these nightly to make sure you are prepared!

This quarter, we will be studying the Plant Kingdom! We will be introducing the topic this week and studying non-vascular plants.

This week, students will learn about Queen Elizabeth I and the Golden Age of England. Students will explore the success of Sir Frances Drake and King James I, and study the Civil War under King Charles I. In Geography, students will study the states in the South. Students will receive a study guide to fill out with the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and South regions. The Study guide will be due on Wednesday, January 18th and the quiz will be the following Wednesday, January 25th. This gives students plenty of time to refresh their memories and review the material.

Today we began Unit 5 and learned how to find the base of a triangle and find the area of irregular shapes. We will continue discussing areas of irregular figures this week. We will have math groups on Wednesday!