Monday, December 19, 2016

Updates and announcements

The kids are so excited to be done with school, but we still have the equivalent of 2 school days of learning left. They are getting antsy, and definitely ready to spend some much-needed time with family.

Our classroom celebration is coming up on Wednesday. Thank you so much for your willingness to donate food and supplies. The students have definitely earned their celebration and this means a lot to them. We still have a couple spots open for food and volunteers. Here is the link:

We will be cleaning out desks on Wednesday, December 21st. Please send your child to school with a bag to put their supplies in. Reusable grocery bags work better than plastic bags because they are less likely to rip. Students will keep their supplies in the bags and hang them on the hooks for the duration of Winter break so the custodial staff can clean the desks.

Thank you for the Kleenex and hand sanitizer donations! We have had sick kids and teachers the last few weeks.

Here is a message from Mr. Naaktgeboren:

We are holding a grade-level team competition called “Royalty for a Day” to see who can bring in the most tax credits to support Archway Arete’s extracurricular clubs and sports.  If 4th and 5th grades bring in the most tax credits, I will be crowned “King of Clubs” for a day when we return from our holiday break.  As the King, I plan on holding a dodge ball tournament for all my royal subjects!  I will also hand out a special treat at the end of the tournament.  I appreciate all your help in asking friends, neighbors, and family to help support Archway Arete and help us win this competition! 

Most Gratefully, Mr. Naaktgeboren, King of Clubs

Winter break starts on Thursday, December 22nd through Sunday, January 8th.  School will resume on Monday, January 9th.

Quarter 2 Evaluations will be sent to parents on Friday, January 6th at noon.

Our week in learning

We are finishing up our Poetry Unit this week by using all of the poetic devices we have learned to analyze poetry.  Students should also be prepared to recite their poems, Monday December, 19th.

In Grammar we will be reviewing parts of speech through games and activities.

Students should be prepared to take the roots test over 26-50 will on Tuesday, December 20th.

After break we will begin reading The Secret Garden, so please bring that to school on Monday, January 9th!

We will be analyzing the data from our bacteria cultures. It is fascinating to see binary fission at work.

This week, students will learn about the rest of Henry VIII’s wives. Students will start learning about Elizabeth I and the Golden Age of England in January.

Our Unit 4 math test will be on Monday covering multiplication and division of fractions.  On Tuesday we will be playing math games to review all the work we have done this year!