Monday, January 23, 2017

Updates and announcements

We have a very busy week with testing and learning new materials. Be sure students are well rested as we have MAP testing this week, as well as history and math tests.

Some parents have gotten calls home from their child regarding missing or late work. I want to clarify that I do not expect (or want) parents to deliver forgotten homework. This is a measure to ensure students are being held responsible for their missing work.

Our MAP testing days were moved. Students will now test on Monday, 1/23 and Thursday, 1/26.

Our week in learning

This week we will continue reading The Secret Garden and will complete our daily journaling based on the book. We will also be discussing how to identify personality traits of the characters.

In Writing we are finishing up our informative essays about the the interaction of humans and the environment. This will primarily be an in class assignment as we help prepare them for the writing prompts on AZMerit. We will also do a grammar review with a short sentence diagramming quiz on Friday.

We will have our quiz over Roots 55-58 on Wednesday.  Students should study these nightly!

Students should be working on memorizing “The Road  Not Taken” by Robert Frost. Recitations will be Wednesday, February 1st.

We will continue to learn about the plant kingdom. This week will be our first lesson on reproductive life cycles in plants as well. Be on the lookout for science homework in  the form of journal entries too!

This week, students will finish learning about the Glorious Revolution in England with King William and Queen Mary. The study guide is due on Tuesday, January 24, and the test will be on Wednesday, January 25th to accommodate MAP testing (students were made aware of this change last week). The East Coast quiz will be on Friday, January 27th. Students will begin learning about the Age of Exploration on Friday, beginning with Marco Polo.

This week we will complete Unit 5. We will be reviewing Monday and Tuesday and will take the Unit Test on Wednesday. We then move on to decimals! There will be no Math groups on Wednesday due to our testing this week.