Monday, March 25, 2019

Updates and announcements

We have an exciting quarter ahead of us! Most of our exciting and fun things happen after AZMerit. It will be a wonderful reward for a job well done. Just a preview, we have a second field trip to the Capitol in May, a tour of the Prep side sometime at the end of April or May, and Fifth Grade Promotion on May 22nd!

Thank you for your patience with the slightly increased homework. We are doing our best to make sure students are not overloaded, but still practice enough to feel good for the AZMerit. We want our fifth graders to feel confident in demonstrating the fifth grade state standards, or things all fifth graders should know by the end of fifth grade.

Our week in learning

Students have learned all of the idioms in our curriculum! We may use this time to catch up on some that we missed.

Students will learn about the roots hyper, hypo, super, and sub. There will be a routine roots quiz over these next week.

Students will recite “Jabberwocky” on 4/3.

In Literature, we will read through chapter 3 in “Across Five Aprils”. Students should be mindful to keep up to date on their journal entries.

In Writing and Grammar, students will continue working on reading passages and answering questions for comprehension. This week, we will focus on scientific texts, analyzing informational texts, analyzing texts across genres, and review fictional texts. Also on Friday, students will take a practice AZMerit Writing test on the computers. This is their final practice run before their AZMerit Writing test on 4/5, so no help will be given.

This week in science, students will continue learning about the different bones in the human body in preparation for a quiz on Friday. The quiz will only be over location on the skeleton, not over the functions. We will also study different types of joints in the human body and where they are located. We will end the week by beginning our study of muscles in the human body. Students should be prepared for a brief quiz over muscles next Thursday.

This week in History, students will discuss various aspects of the War after its inception. Topics will include President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, Generals Lee, Jackson, and Grant, and the everyday life of soldiers during the War including the invention of the draft and the Union’s inclusion of African American soldiers.

In math, we will finish a unit on Data Analysis. This week, students will continue learning about pie charts and review. Their test over Data Analysis will be on Thursday. ALL workbook homework assignments will be half of every type of problem. We will have Math Groups most weeks until the end of the quarter. Math groups will be on Wednesday, 8:00-9:15.