Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Updates and announcements

I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Spring Break! Mine was spent cuddling with my cats and working on several small quilting projects. I am at that time in my life when many of my friends and colleagues are having babies, so many adorable baby quilts are in the works.

Be sure to check your email for a family survey from Great Hearts.

The tutoring schedule will be the same this quarter up until AZMerit, then we will reevaluate the needs of our students.

Our week in learning

This week, students will learn about the idiom “What will be will be”.

Students will learn about the roots ana, duco, ago, and pendo. There will be a routine roots quiz over these next week.

Students will learn about the poem “Jabberwocky” on 3/20. The recitation will be on 4/3.

In Literature, we will start learning about the dialect in “Across Five Aprils”. Students will start reading on Wednesday, 3/20. Please send in the copy of the book as soon as possible.

In Writing and Grammar, students will continue working on reading passages and answering questions for comprehension. This week, we will focus on informational texts regarding articles, persuasive texts, and historical texts. We will review the essay outline format and there will be a short quiz on Friday. Also on Friday, students will take a practice AZMerit ELA test on the computers.  

This week in science, we will be starting our unit on human anatomy with the skeleton. Students will begin by learning about the different types of tissue that make up bones. We will then study the different bones in the human body.

This week in History, we will continue our unit on the American Civil War and see how the War began with the battles of Fort Sumter and Bull Run. We will discuss the Union’s strategy, put forth by General Scott, and its attempted execution in the east by General McClellan. We will discuss figures such as General Robert E. Lee and the different goals of the Union and Confederacy that determined many of their actions early in the War.

In math, we will start a unit on Data Analysis. This week, students will learn about mean, median, mode, histograms, line graphs, and pie charts. ALL workbook homework assignments will be half of every type of problem. There will be no math groups. Math groups will be sparse this quarter due to AZMerit prep