Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Updates and announcements

AZMERIT TESTING IS OVER!! Our students have worked so hard preparing. We can now turn our attention back to our rich curriculum and steer away from test preparations.

If you do NOT want your child participating in our Human Growth and Development classes, please return their permission slip by Thursday morning. The classes will take place on Thursday and Friday this week.

Next Friday, May 4th, our students get to tour the Prep side! Students will tour the classrooms lead by the Prep teachers and get to eat lunch their as well.

Our week in learning

In language arts this week, students will review the basics of grammar and sentence diagramming in preparation for the end-of-year grammar test.

Spalding lessons begin again this week!

Students will continue reading and journaling through Across Five Aprils chapter 8.

This week in science, students will review for the endocrine system unit test, which will take place next Monday, April 30. On Thursday and Friday, students will participate in human growth and development lessons. There is no homework for these lessons, but it is important that students study for the endocrine unit test during this time to keep the concepts fresh in their minds.

This week in history, students will continue their study of westward expansion after the civil war, and will learn what life was like for homesteaders, cowboys and miners. They will receive their study guide this Wednesday that they may start working on in advance of the test on 5/2.

In math this week, students will begin their study of angles. They will review types of angles, the use of a protractor, and begin a study of vertically opposite angles and angles in a triangle. This will lay a great foundation for geometry classes in the future! Please ensure that your student has a protractor to use at school. We will have math groups this week on Wednesday 8:45-9:45.