Monday, April 16, 2018

Updates and announcements

The AZMerit is finally upon us! Students have worked so hard this whole year and I am excited for them to demonstrate their knowledge to our state government. Our tests are on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Please be sure students get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast on the day of the test.

We have some important dates coming up. Check the “Important Dates” section for our special events for the rest of the school year.

Next week, we will be teaching Human Growth and Development. If you do NOT want your child to participate in the lesson, please sign and return the appropriate portion of the letter.

Our week in learning

This week, students will continue to prepare for the AZMerit, which will happen on Tuesday and Thursday. They will review identifying main ideas and supporting details. On Friday, students will dust off their sentence diagramming skills with a diagramming game. In literature, students will read through chapter six. Next week, students will begin regular Spalding homework again.

This week in science, students will read about some endocrine diseases: hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and diabetes. They will be expected to take two-column notes independently on these diseases. Some of the information will be on the endocrine system test on 4/30. Students will receive their endocrine system study guides at the end of this week. 

This week in history, students will review for the Civil War test.. Please note that when students have a summary paragraph for homework, that should serve as their notes for that chapter. Study guides are due today, Monday, April 16th. Students will have their Civil War test on Wednesday, April 18th. Because this is in the middle of our two AZMerit test days, we are taking 2 ½ days to review for their test IN CLASS. Students will also have the opportunity to work on their foldables in class. These will be due on Wednesday, April 18th.

In math this week, we will continue AZMerit practice on Monday and Wednesday. Students will take the AZMerit math portions one and two on Tuesday and Thursday this week. We will have math groups this week on Wednesday 8:00-9:15. On Friday, students will partake in some much-deserved math games.