Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Updates and announcements

I hope everyone had a restful 3-day weekend! Unfortunately, I was out with a sinus infection that I let go a little too long. I am grateful for antibiotics and happy to be on the mend!

Our field trip to the Renaissance Faire is one week from today, February 25th! I will send out a more detailed email this week.

You may see that there is a cap and gown picture day. This is only for Kindergarten and NOT for fifth grade. We do not take cap and gown pictures.

Our week in learning

Students will learn about the idiom “Vice Versa.”

Students will learn about the roots gradus, plus, akros, and kata. Students will be quizzed over these next week. Students should expect a similar quiz every week. 

Students learned about the poem “Battle Hymn of the Republic” on 2/12 and will recite it on 2/27.

In Literature, students will read through chapter 24. There are periodic journal entries which are numbered, but do not happen after every chapter. Students will do journal entry 15 this week. Please send in the book as soon as possible. 

In Grammar, students finish their essays on music and conference with teachers on their work. We will do the same activity again starting Thursday with a different article and students will get the opposite style prompt than last week.

This week in Science, we will start a writing project focusing on George Washington Carver. Students will dive into his life and scientific achievements, with the goal of producing a well crafted paragraph that is either persuasive or informative based on which prompt they pick. Students will have time in class to read the primary and secondary sources, and will begin writing in class next week.
This week in History, we will finish our unit on Westward Expansion Before the Civil War. Tuesday will be the last day of formal instruction, when students will discuss the Mormon Trail and the California Gold Rush. On Wednesday, students will discuss readings (read in class) on President Andrew Jackson’s message on Indian Removal in 1830. Study guides are due on Thursday, when we will review the unit, and our test will be administered on Friday. Students may access our textbook online here: https://www.coreknowledge.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/CKHG_G5_U10_WestwardExpBefore_SR.pdf

In math, students will start our unit on percentages. We will work on a foldable with helps students convert between fractions, decimals, and percent. There will be no math groups this week.

When a “test b” (multiplication test) is assigned for homework, it contains questions very similar to a quiz the following day. We take a lot of low-stakes math quizzes in fifth grade. All math workbook assignments are half of every type of problem. Please keep in mind that students may do test corrections on any math quiz for partial credit (fill in the blank sheets, not multiple choice homework sheets).