Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Updates and announcements

Apologies for the late blog post. While I’d like to say I was Christmas baking all weekend, I was actually in bed sick through Monday. Though this was not ideal, I did get some great pictures of my cats playing nurse.

If your child does not have a block bag, please send one in on Wednesday. We need to empty desks over break for the cleaning crew to clean the carpets in our classroom. Students need a canvas grocery bag or something similar.

Tuesday and Wednesday are half days!

Our week in learning

The idiom of the week is “Read between the Lines”.
Roots will continue in the third quarter.
Spalding will continue in the third quarter.
We will do sentence diagramming wars in Grammar.
For literature, students will finish “Where the Red Fern Grows” and complete their final journal entry.

We are winding down this week in science! Students will be quizzed over the stages of mitosis on Monday. The remainder of the week will be focused on celebrations and reviewing knowledge from earlier in the unit.

This is a short and simple week in History. Students will present their state brochures, which are due Monday morning, to the class on Monday and Tuesday. Students were assigned this project on 12/4.

In math, we will finish up our very short unit on ratio with a quiz on Tuesday.