Monday, September 30, 2019

Updates and announcements

Happy last week of the quarter! Our students are working hard and coming up to a well-deserved break.

We will start Block scheduling next quarter the first week back from fall break. This means that students will have Mr. Giammalva for History and Ms. White for Science. We are asking that parents try to send in a reusable grocery bag for students to use to make their transition during Block easier. With our schedule this year, we will have longer blocks of time where students are out of the room and will need their materials for both block and Lyceum.

Our week in learning

Students will learn about the idiom “Few and far between.”

The test over the first 25 roots will be on 10/2.

Students will get their next poem after Fall Break.

In Literature, students will work through discussion questions in groups and participate in an event sorting activity.  

In Grammar, students will review pronouns, the understood “you” in imperative (command) sentences, and compound parts of sentences. There will be Quarter 1 Grammar test on Wednesday, 10/2.

This week in science, we will conclude our study of chemistry. On Monday, students will read about the accomplishments of Marie Curie. On Tuesday, they will review the study guide and review for the test, which will be Thursday. Students will be able to use their notebooks for part of Thursday’s test, but should still be studying each night to prepare.

This week in history we will begin Unit 4: The Reformation. Student’s notes for this unit will be taken inside a foldable, made from a manila folder in class. Study guides will be passed out this week, and are due Friday, November 1st. The unit test will occur Monday, November 4th. This week instruction will cover the changes in Europe during the Renaissance and how this began to impact the Roman Catholic Church, particularly through the individual of Martin Luther and subsequently through Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, and King Henry VIII.

In math, students will learn about subtracting mixed numbers, simple word problems with fractions, multiplying fractions by whole numbers, identifying benchmark fractions, and the effects of multiplying by a fraction. When a “test b” (multiplication test) is assigned for homework, it contains questions very similar to a quiz the following day. We take a lot of low-stakes math quizzes in fifth grade. All math workbook assignments are half of every type of problem. Please keep in mind that students may do test corrections on any math quiz for partial credit (fill in the blank sheets, not multiple choice homework sheets). Math groups will continue this TUESDAY, 10/1, 8:35-9:45. Please let me know if you are able to attend and I’ll make sure to have enough keys.