Monday, February 4, 2019

Updates and announcements

Happy week 5! It feels like the quarter is going by so fast!
I notice that many of the math tests with the direction “Correct, sign, return” are not getting corrected, signed, or returned. Starting this week, I will be sending a quick form email to parents whose student needs to complete math test corrections.

Our week in learning

This week, students will learn about the idiom “Time heals all wounds”.

Students will learn about the roots quintus, sextus, septimus, and octavus. They will be quizzed on these roots next week. Students should expect a similar quiz every week over the previous week’s roots.

In Literature, we will continue reading “The Secret Garden”. We will continue reading through chapter 16. Students will have a journal entry about every two days. If you have not already done so, please send in a physical copy of “The Secret Garden”.

In Writing and Grammar, students will learn about predicate adjectives. There will be a short quiz on Thursday.

Students will continue studying the life cycle of plants, starting with gymnosperms and angiosperms. Later in the week we will begin covering the parts of a flower. There will be a short quiz over parts of a flower next Monday, February 11th.

In History, students will gain an understanding of the Louisiana Territory and what Lewis and Clark encountered throughout their journey. They will be able to identify who Sacagawea was and why she was important to the explorers. Students will also present their explorers that were researched and written on in Grammar and Writing. We will end the week with a discussion of the Indian chief Tecumseh, who attempted to unite all Indians against the invading United States.

In math, we will finish our rather lengthy unit on decimals. Students will divide a decimal by 0.1 and 0.01, solve word problems and review. The test for this decimals unit will be on Thursday, 2/7. ALL workbook homework assignments will be half of every type of problem. There will be math groups this Wednesday, 1/23, 8:00-9:15. Math groups will be sparse this quarter due to AZMerit preparations.