Monday, December 17, 2018

Updates and announcements

What a wonderful time of year! I hope everyone’s weekend was restful and fulfilling. This weekend, the fifth grade teachers got together and made the kids holiday presents. They will be passed out today at the end of school.

This Wednesday, we will clean out the students’ desks and put the contents of their desks in a bag so the cleaning crew can move the desks easier for carpet cleaning. On Wednesday, please send in either a reusable grocery bag or 2-3 plastic grocery bags for students to put the contents of their desks in.

Our week in learning

This week, students will learn about the idiom “Read between the lines”.

In Literature, we will finish the year with a poetry unit. Students will learn about different literary techniques, such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphors, personification, and symbolism. They will also find these literary devices in poems.

In Writing and Grammar, students compete with a fun diagramming wars activity.

We are finishing up our unit on plant and animal cells this week as the quarter draws to a close. Monday will be a hands on review day-students are very excited to build their own plant or animal cells out of candy components! Tuesday, students have a quiz over the plant and animal cells. Because it is so close to the holidays and this was a short unit, this quiz will be open notes. Students may use any of their study materials in their own science notebooks. If they are missing any notes, students should be sure to find a friend whose notes are complete before Tuesday.

This week in History, students will finish presenting their State Brochure projects. It has been a joy to hear those who have presented already, and we look forward to hearing from the remaining students.

In math, we will have our test over the unit on perimeter, area, and surface area on Monday. We will play review games on Tuesday and Wednesday.