Monday, August 27, 2018

Updates and announcements

We are entering our fourth week of school already! As we are getting settled in here at Arete, I am also settling into my college courses. This year, I get to pursue my Elementary Education certification through Rio Salado college while teaching. While I hold a Music Education certification, I am so excited to learn more and become certified in Elementary Education.  

I’d like to invite everyone to our Curriculum Night this Wednesday, August 29th, 6:00-7:30. Please note this is a parent-only event. There is limited seating in the classroom.

Here is our schedule for Curriculum Night:

       6:30-6:45: Classroom procedures, routines, homework expectations
       6:45-6:50: Lead teachers rotate through each classroom
       6:50-7:25: Curriculum and Demo Lessons (10 minute grammar lesson; 10 minute Spalding lesson; 15 minute Singapore lesson)
       7:25-7:30: Q&A

Our MAP testing was postponed to this Friday due to computer updates. Students will take the test on the computers. Please make sure students go to bed early on Thursday and have a good breakfast Friday morning.

We had a strong start to announcements this week! We will rotate every week through the three classes.

Our week in learning

This week, students will learn about the idiom “Count your blessings”. Students will recite “The Eagle” on Wednesday, 8/29. As a routine, students will have two weeks to memorize their poems. This will be a regular rotation and the recite date will be on the “Due Dates” section of the board. We will learn about the poem “The Tyger”.

Students will continue learning Greek and Latin roots, learning grex,omnis, amphi, and ambi. Students will have a weekly quiz over these roots next week. Students should expect a similar roots quiz every Wednesday.

In spalding, we will continue to work through the rule pages. They will continue spalding homework using the words from these rule pages. Our spalding tests are usually scheduled for Thursdays.

In Literature, we will read through the fifth chapter in “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. We will focus on summaries and identifying and defining vocabulary words from the chapter. Students will read through chapter 8 by the end of the week and learn about round, dynamic, and static characters. Please note that not all classes will be in the same part of the chapter every day, but should end the week on the same chapter.

In Writing and Grammar, students will review parts of speech, types of sentences, and sentence diagramming. We will have our first grammar test on Thursday, August 30th. The “Practice Quiz” homework should serve as a study guide for students.

Students will continue their study of the scientific method this week and begin learning different methods of presenting their data. They will practice making bar graphs to analyze the results from last week’s Sticky Tape Experiment, and begin learning how to make a materials list and procedure for an experiment they have already done. On Thursday, students will perform the Wet Penny experiment in small groups and practice graphing and analyzing data.

We will begin this week in history by playing the game pok-ta-pok, a game that was played in Mayan civilizations where students will have to work on small teams to get a ball in a basket without using their hands or feet. We will then shift our focus to the Aztec civilizations and end on Friday beginning to study the Inca civilizations. For U.S. Geography on Wednesday we will learn about the States in the South.

In math, we will continue our new unit on “More Calculations with Whole Numbers”. We will look at the distributive property, and mental math. Please note that we will have frequent quizzes in math. When a “b” quiz comes home for homework, that means there will likely be a quiz the next day. This means there will be frequent, low stakes math quizzes. We will continue math groups on Wednesday, 8:00-9:15.