Monday, November 28, 2016

Updates and announcements

I hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving! We got to make a small turkey and enjoyed our holiday with friends, as our families are up in Montana.

Our week in learning

In writing this week we will be learning about helping and linking verbs.  We will also practice diagramming interrogative sentences.  There will be a quiz over linking verbs on Thursday and there will be a quiz covering helping verbs next Tuesday.  Each child has a list of the verbs in their notebooks and have learned a couple of songs to help them remember.  The Linking Verbs Blues can be found right here:

We will finish our Where the Red Fern Grows this week and will end our unit with a celebration on Friday.  The next unit will begin next week covering Poetry.  The 100 Point Project is due on December 9th!

We will have our roots quiz on Wednesday covering, cornu, derma, cutis.
We will be studying plant cell organelles. There is a quiz on Thursday. 
We are going to discuss the Reformation during this upcoming unit. We will talk about the disagreements happening in the Catholic church at the time. We are studying this as a historical event, not teaching students about “good” or “bad” guys, or what students should believe. We will delve into some of the grievances against the Catholic church sparked changes within the Catholic church, and the formation of different Christian religions. This week, we will look into the importance of the printing press and Martin Luther during the Reformation.

This week in math we will be discussing words problems using multiplication of fractions and will introduce dividing fractions.  Math groups are back to the regular time of 8:00-9:00 beginning next Wednesday.  Thank you to all of our wonderful parents for your incredible help!