Friday, October 28, 2016

Updates and Announcements

Our Read-a-thon is upon us! We will celebrate the day with marathon reading activities! Students will need to bring a blanket/towel to sit on during Buddy Reading on the field. We will be reading to a second grade class. Students should also be prepared to bring umbrellas and bug spray as we will be out in the sun for about a half hour.

Students are welcome and encouraged to bring a blanket and/or pillow to read with. Students will need to bring a chapter book to read.

Thank you all for volunteering to donate food and your time! This means so much to our students. They love seeing you in the classroom and will have so much fun reading while eating delicious snacks throughout the day.

We will have PE on Monday. I believe Coach Rubino will go easy on them with costumes, but costumes should not interfere with movement needed for basic classroom activity.

Monday Math Tutoring is CANCELLED this week due to Read-a-thon activities.

Our week in learning

Students have completed pre-writing for their personal narratives, and this week we will begin writing our papers.  We will be moving through the writing process and will type our final drafts in class on Friday.

We are enjoying our first few chapters of Where the Red Fern Grows. We will continue to read and annotate the book in class, and we will also concentrate on finding theme within the story, asking students to find textual evidence to support the theme of the book.

Students were put in groups to memorize, “Casey at the Bat” last week.  We will be performing our recitations on Wednesday, November 9th.  We will also be having our next roots quiz on Wednesday!

We have begun learning about the living organisms and how they are organized. Last week we discussed the animal kingdom. This week we will learn about the fungi, plant, protist, and monera kingdoms. There will be a science lab on Wednesday and a take home quiz on Monday. Their classification cumulative test will be on Nov. 7th and they should be working on their study guide a little every night to prepare.

This week, students will study some important Renaissance Popes and Venice. The Catholic Church was an important part of the Renaissance, many took on the role of patrons for the arts, commissioning famous works that shape Western Civilization today.

This week we will be reviewing mixed numbers and using fractions in word problems and will also begin multiplication of fractions.  Math groups continue to be a tremendous success thanks to our wonderful parent volunteers who are able to help support us!  We will have a short quiz on Thursday covering addition and subtraction of mixed numbers.

Study skill of the week

Vocabulary is an important element of understanding expository text.  This week students should take home their history journals and create vocabulary flash cards with the word on the front and the meaning on the back.  Studying these flash cards for five minutes every night will help them prepare for tests and quizzes!