Monday, September 5, 2016

Updates and Announcements

We look forward to Grandparents’ Day and our first school-wide assembly on Friday. The virtue award for Responsibility will be awarded at that time.

Our week in learning

In writing and grammar this week we will be taking a break from grammar and will spend the week discussing how to write paragraphs that show instead of tell.  In Literature we will continue to read Voyage of the Dawn Treader and will discuss the difference between flat and round characters. We will continue to complete our Spalding note set-up and will receive new words on Tuesday and Wednesday, and will take the test on Thursday. Make sure to keep reviewing our newest roots for the quiz on Wednesday. Stu

We will be reviewing the Scientific Inquiry process. There will be a test on Friday. This will cover the vocabulary words we have learned so far and asks students to apply to the experiments we have done together in class. Keep in mind that Science Notebooks will be collected and graded on test day. This is a big science grade! The 5th Grade Science Fair project will be assigned this week as well. Be on the lookout for it, as the packet requires a parent signature. 

This week in history, we will be continuing our new unit on World Lakes. Students will learn about the lakes of North America and Eurasia. Students will also be taking several short quizzes and creating notecards to prepare for their upcoming test. Study guides will be sent home on Thursday and their test will be on the following Tuesday.

Thank you so much to the parents who volunteered their time to get our math groups up and running.  They were a success thanks to you!  We will begin our next unit covering order of operations, mental math and the distributive property on Monday.